Guide To Various Types Of Power Sanders

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Sanders are useful tools for your simple home maintenance tasks and repair or remodeling jobs. These are helpful to prepare surfaces for painting or while remodeling, making furniture by smoothening. Power Sanders move sandpapers over various surfaces. A tedious and time-consuming job can be quickly and efficiently done with the help of the right sander and sandpaper.

There are various Sanders of different sizes and types available in the market. Of them belt sanders, orbital finishing sanders, and the random orbit sanders. Orbital finishing Sanders is among the Top Palm Sanders. These three Sanders tops the list of must haves for DIY projects as per experts in With these tools handy, you can sand any surface or edges that are needed for that remodeling project.

Read following to find out more about the types of Sanders

Orbit finishing Sanders:

Design: These power sanders are called Quarter sheet Sanders as they accept one-quarter of a piece of sandpaper of standard size. Two clamps hold the sandpaper against the rectangular flat pad. The pad orbits in circles and allows you to sand in any direction.
Use: It is a very lightweight and convenient tool for beginners. It is straightforward to handle in one hand and is almost impossible to damage the piece of wood that you are working. This tool is to be used on sharp edges, to remove varnish or dried coats of paint. It cannot be used on thick wood.

Belt Sanders:

Design: Belt Sanders comes in various sizes based on the belt size they use. This tool aims to be compact and easy to control and use. It is best suited for beginners and people who have smaller hands. The belt sander is a high-speed power tool. This tool has belts which are placed in a repeated loop and is fitted over dual drums cylindrical in shape. The rear drum is driven by the motor while the front drum spins freely. It also has a tracking adjustment knob that you can turn to keep the belt running.

Use: It is useful for smoothing flat, large boards. It is also excellent for softening small corners of wood boards. However, due to the large tool’s strength, it is better to clamp many boards stacked one on top of the other and flatten them all at once. This process saves time and also produces great outcome when sanding thin edges.
This power sander can also be used to remove old varnish or paint or stains from your furniture. Utilize the power of the tool and provide the right amount of pressure and sand along the direction of the wood grain. Applying too much pressure will clog the belt.

Random Orbit Sander:

Design: This tool falls in the category between belt sander and orbital finishing sander. The design is similar to orbital sander with both sharing the same rounded palm grips. The only difference between the two tools is that orbital sander has a square pad and the random belt has a round pad.

Use: The round pad moves the sander in random circles. Due to which it can be employed for finishing the sanding or for removal of stock. It is the most versatile power sander if you are not looking to buy many Sanders. It is slightly harder to handle than the orbital finishing sander.

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