Better Safe Than Sorry! Bathroom Plumbing Tips That Could Save Your Day!

Though plumbing works are needed all over in the house, in wash basins, kitchen sinks, dishwasher or washing machine fittings, etc.; bathroom plumbing remains the most toilsome work. The prime reason is that in a bathroom, the whole room itself need various plumbing works. There is the bathtub, the bathing shower, the hand showers, the pipes, the toilet, the sink; and all these need crucial plumbing elements. Hence, it is always better to call a professionally qualified plumber for the task. The louisville plumbing company is one of the best options you could consider. Check out the web page for some quick advice in setting up your plumbing systems at home.

But, if you take care a bit and follow the tips listed below, you can avoid a good percentage of plumbing issues and will not need to call the plumber unless and until there is a serious plumbing repair work.

The Main Culprit-Hair Strands!

No matter how lustrous a mane you have or how small a bob cut you have; you are prone to lose hair the minute you bathe your hair in a bathtub or shower. There is no escaping from it no matter how much we may try to keep those precious strands safe and secure. These small strands tend to accumulate over time and take the form of a small ping pong ball. This would start blocking the water passageways, sewers, and pipes. To ward off the possibility of hair strands blocking up the plumbing systems, it is always better to get a strainer with fine mesh and place it over the drains of shower or bath tubs. This fine mesh of the strains will allow the water to pass down. But will catch each strand of hair and prevent it from flowing into the pipes. Always ensure that you take the strainer and clean it thoroughly on a regular basis and fit it back.

Garbage Go Into The Waste Bins, Not Toilets!

People have a general tendency to use the toilet to flush off any type of garbage. But toilets are not designed to be a multi-garbage disposal system. Just because you can dispose the toilet paper into the flush doesn’t mean that you can dispose of diapers, sanitary napkins, makeup pads, or cotton balls into the toilet. These do not get broken or disintegrated and gets stuck in the pipes causing the toilet to end up clogged and dysfunctional. Hence, always take extra caution to dispose of all the garbage into a dust bin and not flush it down the toilets.

Before Any Minor Work- Shut Off Water Supply!

In case your bathroom has some minor repair works like changing gaskets or washers, always make sure you shut off the water supply before you begin the repair work. It is a comparatively easy step to do, yet almost everyone forgets it. Imagine that you are loosening up the bolts of pipes and suddenly water rushes down in a jet. You will be left at a loss how to deal with it and will get fully drenched in the water as well. Hence always shut off the pipes before even a minor repair work.

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