Tips To Select The Right Paving

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When you have a clear picture of how you are going to layout the garden, then it’s time to think about natural stone paving. Let us see few important tips to consider when choosing the pavement here in this article.

Few people get inspired by specific type of designs and will try to imitate the whole setting right from plants to pavement as discussed in

Almost all of the stone companies will agree to send you samples of the paving they offer. You can pick as many samples as you want and then you can decide on which will suit you when you return home. Some companies also have display areas where multiple samples will be laid out. If you choose the samples from the yard, then you can choose some bigger pieces or broken ones which you can bring home for checking. As soon as you bring them home check if it will go well with the house color and other materials which already exist in the garden.
You should see to that you check the stone both when it is dry and when it is wet as the look tend to change dramatically.

Few people prefer textured pavements while few prefer a smooth surface. Riven stones are cheaper and will be the best choice in most situations If you are looking for a modest look, then you can opt for sawn stone which will have a sharper edge but a smoother finish.
If you have plans of laying smooth stone, then you should do some homework as some of them need to be sealed after laying to avoid staining and this may lead to change in color.

The thickness of the stone will vary based on where you lay the stone. Most of the stones will be only 25mm depth and will be fine for walking, but they won’t withstand vehicle weight. If you are looking to lay stone, then you should need a thickness of at least 40mm.

Concrete/natural stones
When few prefer natural stones, many others prefer concrete products which will be budget friendly. If you use concrete products, then you should make sure that all the cuts should be properly sealed, so the edges of the stone are not visible. This is because the interior side of the stones doesn’t look nice.

Texture and Interest
It is better to focus few areas while paving. If you have a large area, then you can have a seating or cooking area, and it would look nice if smaller paths branch out from the main pathway. Stones like sandstone will be available in tumbled setts, and hence they will add more attraction and interest without any compromise on the color.

Some people who are looking for budget friendly options go for recycled bricks which have enough character and warmness. They will coordinate well with other materials like concrete.
The patterns can be changed as per our wish and further available in many colors. These surfaces don’t slip and are not costly like the stone pavement.

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