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March 30, 2012

Canam Group’s Websites: more than 4,000 visitors are members of the Customer Center

Thanks to Canam Group’s Customer Center, more than 4,000 visitors are informed of the news published on Canam Group’s websites.

Visitors manage their profile to receive personalized email alerts according to their tastes and interests, at a single location in just a few mouse clicks. They can consult their profile information and make any necessary changes online, at their convenience. It’s easy and secure.

Activate or create your profile today!

  • Personalized: Email alerts to stay informed of latest news, according to your interests.
  • Simple: No need to enter a user name or memorize a password, only your email.
  • Fast: A unique profile recognized on all Canam Group websites, no need to fill out a form.
Examples of alerts
The alerts allow you to be informed, according to your interests, on various topics such as:
  • Job offers
  • Projects
  • New publications or their updates
  • News
  • Etc.

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