PJP - Preferred Joist Package

Joist Design Features for Today’s Specifier

The Preferred Joist Package is a set of value-added features that can be specified on steel joist projects. The features go above and beyond SJI specifications and industry practice.

Benefits to the specifier, owner and contractor/erector
* Convenience and peace of mind for engineers
* Reduced field labor and retrofit cost
* Formatted for easy specification by EORs
* Cost -- efficiency -- standardized and bundled value-added features

How-to steps:
The PJP block of notes
(provided here in CAD - .DWG) can be copy-pasted onto structural contract drawings, and Canam will bid and furnish the job accordingly. The PJP is not exclusive to Canam and will be bid by multiple joist manufacturers. Additional requirements that supersede the PJP provisions can still be specified for a project or individual joists.

Notes Block Sample

Detailed descriptions can be found under Publications, Canam Joist Catalog.
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